*Not My REAL Bookshelf

*Not My REAL Bookshelf

Monday, February 6, 2017

"The Vasectomy Diaries", by Rodney Lacroix -- A MAIDEN VOYAGE

Hello all, and welcome to my newest foray into the Blogosphere! Since reading is a YUGE passion of mine, I've turned my focus to book reviews to share my thoughts with an unsuspecting public. (Hardy-har-har)

I've been following Rodney Lacroix since his salad days, when his blog was the only thing I knew about who he is as a person. Anything that goes by the name of Mental Poo is bound to tickle my funny bone, and he certainly succeeded at that! These days, the published purveyor of the hilarity of human foibles is all grown up, married to a smoking hot catch of a woman, and co-parenting a small gaggle of kids and teens who appear to be primed to give him a run for his money in the laughs department. His newest book, The Vasectomy Diaries, is set to be published this week, and it is this newest gem that bwings us here togevvah, today. I was sent an ARC in exchange for an honest review, which follows here.

The Vasectomy Diaries is a hard-hitting novella packed full of advice and anecdotes for those who are considering a turn under the knife, as well as a commiseration with those who have already taken one for the team. In his usual winning style, Rodney creates a tale that is easy to fall into...and impossible to put down! I laughed until I cried, and had a coughing fit that left me without a voice for a good half hour.

The true genius of his work is the brutally detailed honesty he puts into every sentence, no matter how inappropriate it may happen to be. (Inappropriate is my bread and butter, so I find all of his books enormously entertaining.) The book is also the lucky home to a host of utterly fantastic illustrations by the talented Noreen Conway. These drawings serve to hammer home some of the finer points in a way that had me cackling like Broomhilda from old episodes of Looney Tunes!

I honestly can't recommend this feisty nugget of a book highly enough, and I hope that all of you reading will find it as hysterical as I did.

I would caution that it's NSFW, and probably not the best choice of reading for children and small-minded adults. That said, I was charmed by this novella, and I'm certain that you will be too!

Rating: ★★★★★



  1. Wooo! Thank you for the awesome review!

    1. Anytime, friend!! Thanks for the awesome reading!!